The ArcBlock open chain access protocol allows Blocklets to communicate with the blockchain, while the distributed subscription gateway allows cornerstone programs to communicate with client code rooted in the user's browser or mobile app. In short, Blocklet is at the core of the entire system.

Blocklet components are a set of pre-designed, reusable blocklets.

-"ArcBlock Technical White Paper"

In simple terms, blocklets are reusable components built on the Forge SDK.

Classification of Blocklets

According to different application scenarios, Blocklet can be divided into different types, such as: dApp, Stater, smart contract (Contract) and so on.

Create a blocklet

Developers can also create their own blocklets. The Forge CLI (> = 0.39.14) provides instructions for initializing a blocklet project.

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Find Blocklet

Developers can pass Blocklet official websiteFind all current blocklets.