Create scaffolding

To use forge contract:create You can quickly create a scaffolding file for a contract. The basic process is as follows:

Create a directory

mkdir demo-contract
cd demo-contract

Initialize the contract

❯ forge contract:create
? Please input contract name: demo_contract
? Please input contract description: Demo contract
✔ File contract.proto created...
✔ File contract.yml created...
✔ File config.yml created...

✔ Contract directory structure is created successfully!

View contract documents

❯ tree ../
├── config.yml
├── contract.proto
└── contract.yml

0 directories, 3 files

Writing contract code

TODO: How to update status, how to define Pipeline

Commissioning of the contract

After the contract is written, it naturally needs to be deployed to the chain node for debugging. For compilation and deployment methods, see Here