Randomly generated wallet

forge wallet:create It is used to create a random wallet. The SDK directly generates a private key randomly through mathematical methods, and then calculates the public key through cryptography to form a public and private key pair. ROLE_TYPEKEY_TYPEHASH_TYPE To calculate the DID, the entire process does not involve the Forge chain nodes. The public and private key pairs created in this way are more suitable for use in code.

The basic process of creating a wallet is demonstrated as follows:

The following parameters need to be selected for the entire creation process:

  • Please select a role type: ROLE_ACCOUNTIs to select the type of this account
  • Please select a key pair algorithm: ED25519, Select the public and private key generation algorithm for the account
  • Please select a hash algorithm: SHA3, Choose the algorithm to hash the data
  • Please select public/secret key encoding format: BASE16, BASE58, BASE64, BASE64_URL, Select the encoding of the public and private key pair output

If you want to know ROLE_TYPEKEY_TYPEHASH_TYPE Which values can be taken separately, refer to DID implementation of JS SDK

If you want to use the default value to create the wallet, you can execute forge wallet:create --defaults Or forge wallet:create -d

View wallet information

TODO: Need to implement wallet: inspect command, support address, private key, public key