A block usually contains any transaction. The block itself can be identified by the block height. Forge CLI provides multiple syntaxes to query the block information. forge help block To list these syntaxes:

❯ forge help block
Usage: block [options] [height]

Get the block info from the running node

  -d, --show-txs  Show transaction details
  -f, --stream    Streaming new blocks on the chain
  -h, --help      output usage information

  - forge block                display latest block, txs not printed
  - forge block -f             Streaming for new blocks generated
  - forge block --show-txs     display latest block, txs printed
  - forge block 123            display block at height 123
  - forge block last           display latest block
  - forge block first          display first block
  - forge block 123,456        display 2 blocks
  - forge block 1...4          display block from height 1,2,3,4

Query a specific block height block

forge block 12 You can query the block information with a block height of 12 and get the following results:

height: 12
numTxs: 0
time: 2019-10-30T02:42:58.078Z
appHash: b465db4961387129cd6b2bc9c12bf253594c4ffddd0026f961ba38502b09fdff
totalTxs: 0
invalidTxs: (empty array)
txsHashes: (empty array)
invalidTxsHashes: (empty array)
    total: 1

It is not difficult to see that the block with a block height of 12 does not contain any transactions.

Query details of a specific block height

forge block 12 --show-txs You can query the block information with a block height of 12 and type out the transaction information.

Querying certain blocks

forge block 1...4, Query all blocks with a block height from 1 to 4.

Real-time query new

forge block -f Used to query the speed of real-time output.