As we continue to understand the chain node operation and maintenance functions of the Forge CLI, it is necessary to clarifychainwithnodeThese two concepts.

The difference between chains and nodes

From a financial perspective, most public companies in operationchainAre public ledgers that make up these chainsnodeIs the bookkeeper responsible for maintaining the ledger.

From a technical perspective,chainEssentially a P2P network system,nodeAs members of this network, nodes usually do not trust each other. Nodes need to run the same blockchain software (such as Forge).

chainAll innodeBoth keep a copy of the state of the chain at a point in time, that is, all the data of the public ledger. The time point mentioned here rather than the latest state is due to the non-real-time nature of data synchronization between different nodes. Chain nodes started with Forge all need to use the same version of Forge, because different versions of Forge may process different transactions.