Students who have developed enterprise applications knowEnvironmental isolationThe importance ofDevelopment environmentData can be deleted and rebuilt at any time, butOnline environment(Or the production environment here), any data should be treated as an asset, especially on the blockchain, because the data on the chain not only belongs to the node operator, but also to the user.

In the traditional application operation and maintenance, sensitive information such as user names and passwords of online databases needs to be properly stored. In the blockchain world, because each chain node will have its own private key, and it will be signed when the block is issued, so each node needs Keep your private key properly. Losing the private key is equivalent to losing control of the node, and it has the same consequences as a database intrusion in traditional data.

A forge powered chain must have a at least 3 nodes setup in production environments.

The goal of Forge CLI is to run through the entire process of building, developing, deploying, operating and maintaining the blockchain application environment. The basic introduction to the previous is the functions of the development and testing links. Here we will introduce the use of Forge CLI in the production environment.

This section will cover these scenarios, and more will be added in the future: