Fast Start

No matter which OS you are using, you have to install Docker client

And then get forge image.

docker pull arcblock/forge-release
docker run -p 8210:8210 --rm forge-release

wait some time. and you can visit http://localhost:8210/dashboard to explore your own chain.

Advanced Usage

choose forge version

docker pull arcblock/forge-release:v0.22.1
docker run -p 8210:8210 --rm forge-release:v0.22.1

you can get forge versions at Docker Hub

save your data in your disk

docker run -p 8210:8210 -v {your local disk}:/home/arcblock/.forge_release/ --rm forge-release:latest

and you can find your data in your local disk.

custom your config

docker run -p 8210:8210 -v {your custom forge_release.yaml}:/home/arcblock/forge_release.yaml --rm forge-release:latest

Fore more detailed explanation of forge configuration, please check out configuration