1. Login to token swap service

login system

After login, a native ABT account will be automatically generated in your ABT wallet, and this account will always be displayed on the top.

native abt account

2. Open ArcBlock->Ethereum Page

enter withdraw

3. Fill the form

  1. Enter recipient address, which must be valid ETH address. Note, if you enter the wrong address your token(s) will be lost.
  2. Enter the number of tokens for swapping
  3. Click "Submit" to generate the authentication QR code
  4. Open your ABT wallet, scan the QR code, and complete the signature verification

withdraw action

Token Swap supports saving recipient to your contact list, which is convenient for users to initiate repeat swaps:

3.1 Adding address to Contact List

save whitelist

3.2 Using Your Contact List

use whitelist

4. Track swapping progress

withdraw history

Swapping out limitations

When the user has a swapping-out in progress, the system does not allow you to make a new "swapping out" request. You will see the following prompt:

withdraw limit

Revoke swapping

Before the swapping is done, you are able to cancel your swap request. Note, there may be a small cancellation fee each time you request to cancel a swap. Here are the steps to cancel:

1. Open swapping detail page

start cancel withdraw

2. Open cancel swapping page

cancel withdraw

3. Track cancellation progress

cancel withdraw success