What is a transaction?

Unlike Transaction in Bitcoin or Ethereum, which can only handle transfers, the data structure of Transaction in Forge is very cleverly designed. Contains external Transaction standard fields and extensible internal Itx fields. Why is it designed like this?

The standard fields of Transaction are like the contents that need to be filled in the envelope when writing a letter, such as the recipient, recipient address, zip code, etc., and the Itx field is the contents of the envelope. Forge natively supports more than 20 types of transactions.The main structure of these transactions is exactly the same:

The structure of these more than 20 types of Itx is very different.For example, what we need to send to register an account on the chain is as follows:

You can refer to Forge's built-in Transaction Forge documentation

View a single transaction?

carried out forge tx <hash>You can view the details of a transaction on a chain, such as who the sender is and what the transaction content is, as shown below:

View multiple transactions?

carried out forge tx:ls The latest 10 transactions can be listed in reverse order according to the time of occurrence.