What is an asset?

In addition to tokens, the value that can be stored on the blockchain can also be a large number of non-token assets, such as an article, a picture, a map, or a certificate. Assets can be created by a user or an application. Once created, they can be used for transactions, usage, and other behaviors. What you do depends on the application.

The non-token asset in Forge is called assetFor more information about assets, see Here

View assets?

Assets on the Forge chain also have their own DID, and the asset status holds the asset owner, creation time, modification time, and information contained in the asset. Forge CLI supports viewing asset status based on the DID of the asset:

forge asset zjdeSHvn5GJ1LgmwFxV6j4EQYjoxCos2eNPfAnd get the following results: