UpdateAssetTx is used to update an existing asset. This can be used when asset owner want to upate detailed information about the asset if the asset state has changed.

After UpdateAssetTx is executed, data contained in the existing asset would get replaced with the data of the UpdateAssetTx. Other fields should remain unchanged.

Sample Code

message UpdateAssetTx {
  string address = 1;
  string moniker = 2;

  google.protobuf.Any data = 15;

Sample usage

> wallet = ForgeSdk.create_wallet()
> ForgeSdk.declare(ForgeAbi.DeclareTx.new(moniker: "sisyphus"), wallet: wallet)
# say we have a message Post which have a title and a content filed
> post = ForgeAbi.Post.new(title: "a new post", content: "hello world!")
> itx = ForgeAbi.CreateAssetTx.new(itx: ForgeSdk.encode_any!(post))
> hash = ForgeSdk.create_asset(itx, wallet: wallet)
# wait for a while to let the tx be executed on the chain
> address = ForgeSdk.get_address(hash)
# later on you want to update the post
> new_post = ForgeAbi.Post.new(title: "a new post", content: "Yeah!")
> itx = ForgeAbi.UpdateAssetTx.new(data: ForgeSdk.encode_any!(post), address: address)
# once executed, you can retrieve its state to verify
> ForgeSdk.get_asset_state(address: address)

Note that the asset must be created with readonly = false. If readonly is true, you cannot update it.