How to Install Forge on macOS

This guide will show you how to install Forge on a machine running macOS.

Preliminary Steps

Before you can install Forge, you'll need to perform some preliminary steps. If you've already performed some (or all) of these steps, you may skip them.

First, set up your compiler infrastructure:

Next, install Homebrew to manage the packages you'll need to download and install:

If you've previously installed Homebrew, make sure your copy is up-to-date by running brew update.

Finally, install the system packages you'll need using Homebrew:

Step 1: Install Node.js

Force CLI requires Node.js, which you can install using Homebrew:

To make sure you have installed Node properly, type node -v in your terminal. You should see:

Step 2: Install the Forge CLI

You can install forge using npm, the package manager that comes with Node.js:

Once done, you can check if Forge CLI is installed successfully with forge -h:

🎉 Forge CLI has been installed successfully! Checkout Quickstart to launch your chain!