ABT Node now supports a routing engine: Nginx, ABT Node does not have a built-in Nginx, you need to install it yourself.

Version requirements

It is recommended to install the latest stable version, now (2020-08-30) the most stable version is Version 1.18.


Because ABT Node can only run on *nix platforms now, here is only how to install Nginx on these platforms.


Nginx official documentation site provides installation methods using the package manager on each Linux system:

-RHEL/CentOS -Debian -Ubuntu -SLES -Alpine

Mac OS

It is recommended to use Homebrew install on Mac:

brew install nginx

Build from source

Of course, you can also build from source code: https://docs.nginx.com/nginx/admin-guide/installing-nginx/installing-nginx-open-source/#sources

Remember to enable HTTPS, gzip/unzip and other modules when building from source code:


Enable Nginx

After installing Nginx, you only need to check the status of Nginx on the Router -> Routing Engine page. If the status of Nginx is "Available`, you can set Nginx as a route: enable nginx