ABT Node Launcher

ABT Node Launcher is a blocklet that helps manage ABT node instances on cloud providers, such as AWS and Azure.

Blockchain Manager

Blockchain Manager helps manage forge-powered chain nodes. Its core functions include the following:

  1. Creating a new chain
  2. Managing chain nodes

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer is a blockchain explorer for the forge-powered blockchains.

GraphQL Playground

GraphQL Playground is a graphql playground blocklet for forge-powered blockchains.

Blockchain Boarding Gate

Blockchain Boarding Gate is a Blocklet for quickly creating on-chain accounts for forge-powered blockchains.

DID Connect

DID Connect is a blocklet that can quickly connect dApps with DID and ABT Wallet.

Wallet Playground

Wallet Playground is a simple blocklet that demonstrates the full potential of building applications using the following ArcBlock software:

  • ABT Wallet and ABT DID protocol
  • Forge, which allows dApps to use publicly verifiable decentralized ledgers