The Basic Settings view configured the below described attributes about the ABT Node.

node settings 2 en

Besides the ABT Node details, the settings page also provides the end-user license agreement.

Name Your Node

The node name is displayed at the top of the node console page to identify which node they are accessing.

Describe Your Node

It is displayed at the top of the node console page.

DID Wallet Location

Provides the location of a deployed DID wallet Blocklet.


ABT Node monitors the disk usage and can raise notifications when the usage goes above the specified limit.

Automatic Update Check

ABT Node can perform a daily check for an available newer version. Optionally, there is a check for updates button to verify manually if a newer version is available.

ABT Node does not perform auto-upgrade. An admin user must confirm the upgrade process.

node settings upgrade en

Welcome Page

ABT Node displays a welcome page to help users navigate to the ABT Node login and the ABT Node documentation pages.