Current members of an ABT Node can add other users as members to the ABT Node, and the node owner can manage member permissions on the Node -> Owner page.

To add a new member, the new member should have ABT Wallet set up on his or her phone.

Then, the new member would scan the QR code on the ABT Node's site.

member manager 1 en

A message will appear indicating that the new member does not have the permissions to log into the node.

member manager 2 en

The owner of the node could see the sign-in attempt in the Settings -> TEAM page:

member manager 3 en

A new member that is not approved would appear in the list of members. Click the Approve button to add the new user. The new member can now access the node by scanning the QR code again.

member manager 4 en

You can also go to this page to cancel the member's access rights by clicking the Reject button after adding the member.