Once ABT Node has started you need to access the node dashboard to work with it. To do so, please make sure you are connected to the network of the deployed ABT Node.

Install ABT Wallet

Access to ABT Node is authorized using ABT wallet, ArcBlock’s decentralized identity solution. You can access ABT Wallet in either of the following ways :

Access ABT Node

Access the ABT Node from your browser; as a first step, you must accept ArcBlock's End-User Agreement.


Next, scan the generated QRCode using your ArcBlock ABT Wallet. It will authorize access to the ABT Node from your wallet.


After authorization you will have ownership of the ABT Node. You will have full access to all components of the respective ABT Node. You can perform administration tasks not limiting to the following :

  • Monitor ABT Node KPIs (CPU, memory, storage)
  • Use the Marketplace to install Blocklets
  • Update and remove Blocklets
  • Configure routing to the different apps
  • Add and remove team member
  • Troubleshoot using logs
  • Provide SSH access to the ABT node
  • API Access keys