The previous section Create Static Blocklets introduced in detail how to create a static blocklet that can be deployed and run in ABT Node from scratch. This section is about creating and deploying a DApp blocklet from scratch in ABT Node.

Step 1: Preparing the Environment

  1. First, set up Node.js development environment.

create dapp blocklet 1

  1. Then, install Forge CLI.

create dapp blocklet 2

  1. Next, initialize and run ABT Node.

create dapp blocklet 3

  1. Finally, install MongoDB and run it locally.

Step 2: Create DApp Blocklet

We will use the forge blocklet:use forge-react-starter command in forge cli to generate a Dapp Blocklet template project.

  1. First, create a project directory and enter it. forge blocklet:use forge-react-starter will be run from this directory
mkdir dapp-blocklet-demo
cd dapp-blocklet-demo
  1. Next, run forge blocklet:use forge-react-starter to complete the creation of the template project.

For the steps here, please refer to the document: Use Starter Blocklet

  1. Then, run the project.

Execute yarn start in the project's main directory to run the project.

create dapp blocklet 4

After the generated template project is successfully configured, it can run locally.

Step 3: Deploy DApp Blocklet

First, press Ctrl+C to stop the local test process, and then execute the abtnode deploy . command.

create dapp blocklet 5

After the deployment succeeded, take a look at the ABT Node Corner Program page.

create dapp blocklet 6 en

Step 4: Configure DApp Blocklet

If we directly click on the More menu on the far right of dapp blocklet demo, the gray button cannot be clicked when the Start button will appear. The appearance of the Start button indicates that our DApp needs some configure. Click on the details page.

create dapp blocklet 7 en

Let's configure MONGO_URI as local: mongodb://

Step 5: Run DApp Blocklet

Click to open the three dots on the right side of the just deployed dapp blocklet demo, and select Start:

create dapp blocklet 8 en

The blocklet should now be in the running state. Click on the public interface to verify that it's running:

create dapp blocklet 9

We have now successfully created a DApp blocklet in ABT Node.