Then create a configuration at ~/.abtnode.yml with following content:

# Node config
  # Meta
  name: 'ABT Node'
  description: 'Container of official ArcBlock blocklets'

  # Node wallet
  sk: '0x39231d873687551460595848ee9fe32292f9ea44213a995fa5e5e15329e81e0748c6ee9a36c0db6dabd29f64e4e916b030c7060f937008eed0793f2e20845238'
  pk: '0x48c6ee9a36c0db6dabd29f64e4e916b030c7060f937008eed0793f2e20845238'
  did: 'zNKqM4yhZg39gd5KUuVNiDzq6HrwPSK6YFeA'

  # Where to store ABT Node data: change this to your home folder, on mac usually: /Users/YOUR_NAME/.abtnode
  dataDir: /home/work/.abtnode

  # Node dashboard
  port: 8089 # this port is where ABT Node Dashboard runs on
  https: false

  # Node dashboard session secret
  secret: 'weilru4j2oi34u*(#U$IORQWRjk'

  # Owner info
    pk: ''
    did: ''

  # On which port should blocklet process listen on, multiple blocklets will use different ports incremented from this config
  port: 8090

  # Where to fetch available blocklets

  # Attached blocklet owner, can set when Node is up and running
    pk: ''
    did: ''

For the node secret key and did part, if you are just testing, use the value form above configuration should be fine, if you want to define your own, you can generate as following:

npm install -g @arcblock/forge-cli
forge wallet:create
# Then choose `ROLE_APPLICATION`, `SHA3`, `ED25519`
# Then copy the `sk`, `pk`, `address` to the config