Core Blocklets are production-ready Blocklets provided by the official Blocklet store.

Blocklet Server Launcher

Blocklet Server Launcher is a Blocklet that helps manage Blocklet Server instances on public and private clouds, such as AWS and Azure.

Certificate Manager

Auto-generate and renew SSL certificates

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer is a blockchain explorer for the forge-powered blockchains. It allow you to query/browse/display data from any blockchain

FS Chain Manager

Build and deploy forge compatible chains.

NFT Store

Decentralised Store for buy and sell NFT on ABT Network

NFT Store

Start your NFT online business with a few clicks

Blocklet Store

Decentralized Blocklet Store to search and view Blocklets and use them with just one command.

Wallet Playground

Wallet Playground is a simple Blocklet that demonstrates the full potential of building applications using the following ArcBlock software:

  • DID Wallet and ABT DID protocol
  • Forge, which allows dApps to use publicly verifiable decentralized ledgers